Auto Electric International provides 100% load testing of all units sold. Our testing is done primarily on D & V Electronics testers, considered by us to be the best in the industry.


SST-160 Solenoid Tester

The SST-160 Solenoid Tester is a highly advanced computer based machine for automatically checking all types of starter solenoids.

Key Benefits

  • Remanufacturing processes are continually monitored to insure that our units meet or exceed OEM specifications.
  • 100% testing of finished units
  • Customer assurance that all units a functional before installation.


    • Pull-in & Hold-in coil resistance
    • Pull-in & Hold-in current at programmable voltage
    • Pull-in & Hold-in force at programmable voltage
    • Solenoid balance
    • BOR (Over travel)
    • Plunger seal position and force
    • Contact voltage drop at high current
    • R terminal output test
    • Pull-In & Hold-In voltage
    • Contact spring compression force
    • Return spring compression force


See D & V Electronics for complete details