Auto Electric International provides 100% load testing of all units sold. Our testing is done primarily on D & V Electronics testers, considered by us to be the best in the industry.


ALT-98 Alternator Tester

The ALT-98 is designed to provide remanufacturers with a detailed test of the alternators under heavy load, duplicating vehicle conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Remanufacturing processes are continually monitored to insure that our units meet or exceed OEM specifications.

  • 100% testing of finished units. See sample test page.

  • Customer assurance that all units a functional before installation.

Capabilities of alternator tester

  • Stator Voltage 0-50 Volts

  • Output Current 0-300 Amps

  • Field Current 0-10 Amps

  • Alternator Speed 0-12000 RPM

  • Feedback Voltage 0-50V (0-100% PWM)

  • Output Power 0-5000 W

  • Memory for 4000 part number profiles

  • Alternator Temperature 25-200 °C

Reference Accounts

See D & V Electronics for complete details.